In a style reminiscent of the great ‘70s pop singer-songwriters, Linda writes, records and produces her own tracks to create a sound that’s both contemporary and classic. While most pop artists shy away from current issues, Linda passionately connects the personal to the political on topics like tolerance (“Big Bang”), gun violence (“Unthinkable”), and imperialism (“Jupiter Moon”) with a light hand and catchy hooks. And her energetic, addictive pop songs like “Tattoo” and “Nothing Else Will Do” will get in your head immediately.

In the words of one reviewer, it is “heartfelt, melodic, deep-spirited music that you can drive to, think to, and make love to.”

Linda believes music can ignite and inspire people. She combines smart lyrics with deftly crafted music and vocal arrangements that reflect the spirit of the songs. “It’s my belief that people are looking to be moved by music, both sonically and lyrically,” the singer says. Her debut album, Jupiter Moon, portrays a hopeful and romantic outlook for the future. It centers around Linda’s thoughtful and intelligent reflections on not just personal happiness and love, but a more global hope for, dare we say, “world peace.”

Growing up outside Los Angeles, Linda took years of classical piano lessons, and listened almost exclusively to pop radio. She says there’s nothing like the perfect “3-minute song” – how it can move people in a way that nothing else can. Her first job was at a Hollywood recording studio and, as a budding songwriter, she instantly fell in love with music production. It was there that she learned the basics of recording and engineering that allows her to seamlessly weave together complex vocal harmonies and instrumentation to create her unique sound.

Linda’s been influenced by so many artists and types of music that it’s impossible to mention them all – from Don Henley, Paul Simon and U2, to Sade, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz, to more current pop singer-songwriters like One Republic, Sara Bareilles and Michael Franti. But it’s always been about the songs. And Linda’s true gift, like many of these artists, is creating stories that we recognize in our own lives.

As creative as Linda is in the studio with her writing and production, she and her band bring a powerful show to the stage in clubs around Los Angeles.



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