“Bend To The Light” – intelligent arrangements, soulful energy, and musical prowess!– Jamsphere Magazine

“With her fingerprints on just about every aspect of “Bend To The Light”, Linda Debella put out an album that is true quality from start to finish. The rich backing vocals provide lush backgrounds for the catchy melodies, while the organic-sounding instrumentation resonates with colorful vibrancy. Moreover, throughout the album, Linda proves that she has an ear for songs that ride the line between complexity and accessibility, which will allow her to be lauded by casual music fans and industry critics alike….  On this album, both passionate love and social consciousness is explored from all angles, as she deepens our understanding of these themes from her perspective. Not that these topics have never been presented by other artists before now, but Linda brings a heavy dose of intelligent arrangements, soulful energy, and musical prowess that will keep listeners excited for the entire 12-track runtime….”
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Bend to the Light – Linda Debella
– Dancing About Architecture

“Some music makes its point by being big, clever, or loud and impactful. Here, Linda Debella makes deft and delicate music rather than big. It is wise, worldly and relatable rather than clever. Hushed and harmonious as opposed to loud. And impactful, yes, but it does so through understatement and beautiful execution… Call it neo-soul. Call it soul-pop. Call it anything you like. The message is simple. Take timeless, often ambient, beautifully understated, soul sounds and update them for the modern audience. If there is a past reference point, then it is perhaps Nora Jones before she took the more countrified path. But that would also be to overlook the singular sound Linda Debella offers, so consider it a general signpost rather than something to dwell on for too long.” (read the review…)


Linda Debella is our Musical Revelation of the Day
– The Further

“We are thrilled to announce that we discovered the music that will make our whole week. It is solar, addictive and released by LA artist Linda Debella, a singer, songwriter and producer who creates timeless records. Her latest offering is a song named “Too Little Too Late”, extracted from her “Bend to the light” album, is a blessing for our ears and soul. She effortlessly blends soulful folk melodies with blues colours and pop hints, to invite the audience into a magnificent musical moment. The instruments, arrangements and chords are with of the greatest, and the is the music that we love: when quality meets with authenticity. No doubt that Linda Debella will seduce your ears with “Too Little Too Late” and her album that has many sonic surprises, from the infectious melodies to the relatable lyrical content, and Linda Debella’s pure and authentic voice.” (read the review…)


Linda Debella – Putting Real Issues Into Music

“There are many songwriters out there that just regurgitate the same old themes of love and loss that have been populating mainstream music for years.  When an artist is able to put their real passion into their music and take on the tough issues it draws in real fans that can relate to these real life experiences.  Our recent findLinda Debella is a perfect example of the this real artist.

The singer-songwriter is based out of the competitive streets of Los Angeles, California.  Linda Debella truly believes, as we do, that music can be used to ignite and inspire people as well as to make them think.  Her sound is in the pop vein but brings back memories of an earlier time in music when melodic beauty was at the forefront of the songs.  The years of classical piano lessons growing up gave Linda the skills and the hours spent listening to pop radio gave her the inspiration to write songs that move people…” (read the review…)


“Beautiful. Reminds me of Dusty Springfield. Harmonies are absolutely second to none. Goosebumps everywhere. I like that the message of the songs are really powerful and she sounds really passionate about what she is singing about. The piano is beautiful.”
– Crowd Review


“I loved ‘Sanity’ immediately when I heard the rhythm of “What the World Needs Now” and it just got better as the song turned out to be a lovely song that went alongside that. The instruments complimented the vocalist and backup vocals perfectly, with the guitar solo well-placed and perfectly executed.
– Crowd Review