big bang

we started with a big bang
that’s what i believe
there might be a god up there
i’ll agree to disagree
I am not the sweetest thing
but i am not a throw-away
i am not fighting you to stay

the earth moves around the sun
and stars shine light on everyone
it doesn’t really matter how the world came to be
I believe in you and me

we live in fear of a big bang
as we defend our ways
where’s the faith in better men, cooler heads
where’s you faith in me?
I am not that cynical
i am not giving in to fear
I can see the world as beautiful
whenever you are here

the earth moves…

we could fight, ‘cause everyone is fighting
we could lie, ‘cause everyone is lying
we could try to rise above it all

or we could end it with a big bang
if that’s the way you wanna go
i doubt if there’s a god up there
he’ll help us through that blow

the earth moves…