you taste like summertime in a winter rain
looks like i’m wasting rhymes on you again
the door won’t close, I’m half of a whole me
your hands feel like innocence in the back of a car
taking almost everything but never going too far
the page won’t turn, the fire won’t burn out

i’m on the hook for this, and you’re on the line
i could have shaken loose a thousands times
i’ll take the blame for this if you’ll take the pain from it
and go

i’ve been writing our history, first sight and all that
it’s not so pure and clear looking back
the fever won’t break, my mind won’t make a change

I’m on the hook for this…

your laugh is like a waterfall that could wash me clean
i’m taking off my clothes and jumping in
i’m drowning in you wanting me and i’m gasping for wind
and i am always sinking while you swim…