jupiter moon

we will walk on the rings of saturn
see by the light of a jupiter moon
lay down the weapons and shoot for the stars
bring back the faith by healing these scars right now

one giant step for mankind, july 20 1969
and people marching for the dream
we saw the future, the possibilities
man has power, man has speed
to make the impossible reality

we will walk…

cold warring for 40 years
building missiles funded by fear
did we win? did we lose?
were we brave or were we fools
turning peace into war
and saying greed is good
man has power…

on a clear day the world crashed down
our skyline fell and made a hole in the ground
we call on our warriors to fight on
but we got lost in a desert of right and wrong
man has power…

when we are flying we are shining
when we are fighting we are dying
when we are sailing past the sun we are one