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Jupiter Moon – filled with lyrical and musical stuff that nobody should overlook!
– Jamsphere Magazine, 4/17/16

“Linda Debella’s latest album is the 12-track, socially conscious, indie-pop recording, “Jupiter Moon”. If you have never listened to Linda, take the time to listen to this album. Her voice is like no other – sultry, sweet, powerful, inviting, while the music is crafty, melodic, layered, beautiful and inspired. Its quieter acoustic spaces give way to energy-driven lamentations that manage to flow together seamlessly… It can possess you at a far deeper level than more accessible but ultimately more superficial albums. Pianos, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and layers of harmonies abound, to breathe life into magnificent storytelling by a voice that takes us back to the golden era of singer-songwriters. Linda’s voice drips like honey off of an open jar, taking me back to memories of Joan Baez, Carole King, Carly Simon and Rita Coolidge… lord they don’t make them like they used to…or do they?”
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Linda Debella Releases Full Album “Jupiter Moon”
–, 2/25/16

“Linda Debella is a rising artist out of Los Angeles. Her music sounds like throwback pop music, with her vocals ringing through the melody. The music has a textured and mellow vibe, but is catchy enough to get stuck in your head. This is easily seen in her song “Sanity”, a laid-back tune that displays Debella’s charming voice ever so well.

Debella is not afraid to bring up controversial topics within her music, but that is also what makes her music so refreshing. Rather than singing about typical cliches, Linda has focused some of her music around tolerance and gun violence. It is cool to see artists bring up issues and address them through musical expression. But some of Linda’s music is simply for fun. And we love that too…” (read the review…)


“Beautiful. Reminds me of Dusty Springfield. Harmonies are absolutely second to none. Goosebumps everywhere. I like that the message of the songs are really powerful and she sounds really passionate about what she is singing about. The piano is beautiful.”
– Crowd Review


“I loved ‘Sanity’ immediately when I heard the rhythm of “What the World Needs Now” and it just got better as the song turned out to be a lovely song that went alongside that. The instruments complimented the vocalist and backup vocals perfectly, with the guitar solo well-placed and perfectly executed.
– Crowd Review